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A timeline of events relating to women in mission and ministry in the Reformed Church in America.

A brief overview of women's work in the Reformed Church in America.

Brief biographies of women who were actively involved in the life, mission, and ministry of the Reformed Church in America.

Bernita Babb is the first African-American woman ordained in the Reformed Church in America. Bernita was ordained by the Classis of Rockland-Westchester in 1988. Listen to Rev. Denise Kingdom-Grier talk about transformation:…

Pages from the Minutes of the General Synod, 2001, offering a brief history of women's work in the RCA. This was part of the report of Christian Education and Disipleship.

A Long Time Coming, was written by Ed Mulder while general secretary of the RCA. It was published in the Reformed Review, Spring 1989, Vol. 42, No. 3. This pdf is from an early version of the RCA's web page:

A pamphlet written by Dorothy Burt in 1975 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Women's Board of Foreign Missions and the 15th Anniversary of the National Department of Women's Work. Dorothy retired in 1970 after 33 years with the RCA's…

The 1957 Report of the Committee on the Ordination of Women. The Report includes: Ordination of Women in the Reformed Church; The Practice of Other Churches in the Ordination of Women; Ordination of Women and the Old Testament; The Ordination of…

A program prepared by Laurie Mol for the Reformed Church Women in 1973.

Women and their Boards of Missions If anyone is familiar with My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Maria and I lived a large part of that in our wedding long before it became a motion picture) there is a scene in which Toula is talking to her mother about her…
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