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Russell Gasero, archivist for the RCA reflected on Wilbur and said, "I knew Wilbur for quite a few years and always thought of him as a model of pastoral leadership. I recall him stating once that he was often forgotten or passed over. I spoke with…

Wright was born at Old Boggy Depot in Indian Territory, on January 1, 1860. He studied at Union College and Union Theological Seminary. Ordained in the Presbyterian church in 1885 he served as a missionary among the native Americans in Oklahoma from…

Jacob Brodhead studied at Union College and New Brunswick Theological Seminary. He worked with Edward Tanjore Corwin to find many early documents of the Dutch in America, including the Amsterdam Correspondence.

Photograph from a painting in the collection of the Archives of the Collegiate Church in New York City. Linn also served as the first chaplain of the United States House of Representatives.
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